Who is Hospital Workers' Housing Co-operative?

Hospital Workers’ Housing Co-operative Inc. (HWHC) is a not-for-profit organization founded in 1992 by a number of frontline healthcare workers in Toronto with the aim of providing an affordable housing option for Torontonians. 

HWHC provides subsidized housing to over 200 persons from refugee, minority, and low-medium level income households. Our services aim to decrease the financial burden faced by these families so they can tend towards other basic needs without having to worry about housing costs. HWHC also provides special support to unique groups of the general population. Finally, HWHC collaborates with GAGE Transition to Independent Living to provide temporary accessible housing to persons with physical disabilities so that these individuals may participate in programming enabling them to live full and independent lives.

Currently, HWHC is on a mission to make play accessible for youth, children, and adults through an initiative called
Play4All.MertonProject. We strongly believe in prioritizing mental and physical health in our community and aim to prove this through Play4All.MertonProject.